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Natural Skincare by Linda Parelli created in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. All of our facial products are vegan and organic.



When people comment on my skin, my automatic reflex is still, “Really?”

Here’s why… I never thought of myself as having nice skin. As a teenager I had acne and then, as an adult I got ‘adult acne.' I cut myself out of photos. Every morning when I woke up I touched my face to see if those horrible things were still there.

Today, at the age of 60, I realize that all those troubles with my skin turned out to be a blessing. My skin problems led me on a journey as I searched desperately for a cure, and what I learned changed my life, and my skin. Quick fixes don’t work and some of them are downright damaging. I learned to understand skin, to respect it, and protect it. I was never going to treat my skin harshly or be lured by a promise in a jar again.


People Always Ask me…

People are always asking me what I use on my skin and I finally decided to produce my own line of skin care based on the principles that have served me so well over the years. It’s so exciting, I love how they feel every time I use them, the essential oils are therapeutic and deeply aromatic, and my skin feels supple, soothed, and soft.


Some things you need to know about your skin

What Skin Needs…

To keep skin in great condition, it needs to be cleansed without stripping the natural oils, it needs protective lubrication to keep it supple, and it benefits from an occasional polishing to remove dead cell build up.

Skin Hates…

Soaps, abrasives, and moisturizers that disappear.

  • Don’t use soap. In my years as a skin therapist, I learned how dehydrating soap and water is. It strips the skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and exposed to the elements. 

  • Never use abrasive scrubs. They scratch your skin, irritate it, and destroy the skin cells’ protective barrier. 

  • If your moisturizer is non-greasy and disappears, it is not doing enough to protect the skin. Oil is your skin’s natural lubricant and nothing is more effective than a protective layer of fat on your skin. 

Skin Loves…

Oil, oil… and more oil!

My skin care line is all about oils, for both cleansing and lubricating. Yes, even for cleansing! Don’t be scared, it’s amazing. Fear not the oils, they are miraculous for both dry and oily skin. You just need to have the right oils.