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Natural Skincare by Linda Parelli created in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. All of our facial products are vegan and organic.



When people comment on my skin, my automatic reflex is still, “Really?”

Here’s why… I never thought of myself as having nice skin. As a teenager I had acne and then, as an adult I got ‘adult acne.' I cut myself out of photos. Every morning when I woke up I touched my face to see if those horrible things were still there. I still have the scars from when I got desperate and tried to extract them, and I used some pretty harsh ‘acne cures’ that damaged my skin surface.

Today, at the age of 60, I realize that all those troubles with my skin turned out to be a blessing. My skin problems led me on a journey as I searched desperately for a cure, and what I learned changed my life, and my skin. Quick fixes don’t work and some of them are downright damaging. I learned to understand skin, to respect it, and protect it. I was never going to treat my skin harshly or be lured by a promise in a jar again.

In my late teens I started to have a lot of trouble with my skin. Acne, redness, blotchiness… It was so embarrassing and I became very self-conscious.

Mine wasn’t the normal oily, blackhead and pimples kind of acne, it blew up into ‘adult’ acne with inflamed, purple, deep-seated ‘blind pimples’ on the sides of my cheeks, jaw, and neck, and on my back.

Every morning I’d wake up and touch my face praying that it was gone. I was plagued for years and I desperately kept trying new things in the hope that something would work.

I tried everything to fix it – strong antibacterial washes, drying lotions, face treatments, spot treatments, concealers, and heavy makeup to hide it. And I avoided photos!


In my early twenties I left a four-year university course (BA Dip. Ed) because I was tired of being in school and wanted to get out and work in the real world. So I looked for a short course on makeup artistry but ended up enrolling in the Ella Bache skin care school in Sydney.

I remember thinking that although the school used the Ella Bache products, I wasn’t going to be fooled or brainwashed into using the products, because I was already convinced that nothing works for acne.

But, six weeks after starting the course, my skin was almost clear and without using any of the harsh, drying and antibacterial products I’d been used to!

I was hooked, a total believer.

To this day, Ella Bache is still one of the best skin treatment products on the planet and I was lucky enough to work for them for 12 years. I became the Education Director and traveled the world to teach aestheticians how to read the skin, understand it and treat it in a loving way to bring it back to health.


What is important is a deep understanding of the skin and a commitment to powerful, natural ingredients that stay true to the skin’s needs (like oils). Forget those oil-free fads and products that disappear into the skin, they need to enhance the skin’s protective function.

People are always asking me what I use on my skin and I finally decided to produce my own line of skin care based on the principles that have served me so well over the years. It’s so exciting, I love how they feel every time I use them, the essential oils are therapeutic and deeply aromatic, and my skin feels supple, soothed, and soft.


from acne to aging

It’s an interesting journey moving into middle age and now turning 60. I know what it’s like to see those first wrinkles or changes in the elasticity of your skin. Luckily, because of my good education about skin, I have not panicked and bought into all the heavily promoted new inventions for wrinkles. Nor have I gone down the track of fillers or drastic peels that hurt your skin.

Many products have a temporary effect and don’t really improve the skin all that much. It’s disheartening and expensive to keep trying things that don’t work. Who do you trust, who do you believe anymore? I’m not saying there aren’t good products out there, but it’s hard to find one, and mixing and matching doesn’t really work either. That’s why I decided to take the plunge and do it myself.


I want Simple!


I have a busy life. I’m out in the sun and the wind almost every day, riding horses and teaching, and I’m exposed to all kinds of weather conditions from the extreme dryness of the Colorado mountains to the humidity of Florida.

And I don’t want to have to change products with the seasons. I want to do what my skin needs all the time, no matter what. I also want it to be simple and not have different potions for day and night. Because of what I know about the skin, I know this is 100% possible.


And a word from my husband, Pat.
He has even started using my products!

“I never get tired of seeing Linda’s magic with horses, she has an uncanny intuitive ability to connect with horses. I’m sure like me, they can sense her inner and outer beauty. I know better than anyone that Linda’s knowledge of skin care matches her natural horsemanship skills. I’m so proud of her for releasing her own line of skin care that will help all active women (and men) care for their skin as Linda has.”

Some things you need to know about your skin

What Skin Needs…

To keep skin in great condition, it needs to be cleansed without stripping the natural oils, it needs protective lubrication to keep it supple, and it benefits from an occasional polishing to remove dead cell build up, without scratching it!  

That is the simple basis of my skin care collection – you lovingly cleanse and lubricate your skin twice a day, morning and night, and polish it with a soft exfoliant once a week. Then, add a couple of super boosters: one for maximum moisture retention, and the other for brightening and repair.

Skin Hates…

Soaps, abrasives, and moisturizers that disappear.

  • Don’t use soap. In my years as a skin therapist, I learned how dehydrating soap and water is. It strips the skin of its natural oils leaving it dry and exposed to the elements. You never want your skin to feel “squeaky clean.” It is one of the worst things you can do to it.

  • Never use abrasive scrubs. They scratch your skin, irritate it, and destroy the skin cells’ protective barrier. Your skin should never be red after a treatment, and I can’t tell you how many women I saw, as a skin therapist, who had really damaged their skin with harsh scrubs.

  • If your moisturizer is non-greasy and disappears, it is not doing enough to protect the skin. Oil is your skin’s natural lubricant and nothing is more effective than a protective layer of fat on your skin. I have been doing this since my early 20s, even when I had acne problems!

Skin Loves…

Oil, oil… and more oil!

My skin care line is all about oils, for both cleansing and lubricating. Yes, even for cleansing! Don’t be scared, it’s amazing. Fear not the oils, they are miraculous for both dry and oily skin. You just need to have the right oils.  

Linda Natural Skincare

Now, it’s time to meet the exquisitely transforming creations in my personal skincare collection, so you can Cleanse, Nourish, Smooth, Plump, and Boost your skin’s health in complete confidence!

Note: My skin care collection is designed to meet the protective needs of most skin types, even troubled skin, but is not an acne treatment.